Ethical stones

Ethical sourcing is important

Where do you think healing crystals come from? From Mother Earth or a mine? Most healing crystal stores don't know where their crystals come from. Some healing stone stores claim to be ethical because they have "reliable sources." Which lithotherapy store takes ethical crystal sourcing seriously...? Shivshakthi.

Clean energy requires clean supply

Tracking healing crystals requires extensive research, difficult conversations, and the courage to challenge the status quo of a multi-billion dollar industry. It would be much easier to sell energy healing without thinking about it. It would be easier for you to buy healing crystals without thinking about it. But take a moment to think about it. Is purifying a crystal really enough to “cleanse energy”? Does a little sage and a prayer magically erase the reality of poisoned rivers, black lungs and child labor? Authentic spiritual alignment requires a deep grounding in reality.

  • Poisoned rivers
  • Black lungs (Pneumoconiosis)
  • Child labor
  • Unfair wages

Shivshakti Commitment

When you buy a stone, you are the last link in a mysterious global supply chain. For each product sold by Shivshakti, you can learn about the origin, mining, manufacturing conditions and find out how many times the crystal has changed hands.

  • Ethical Mining
  • Production conditions
  • Environmental safety
  • Supply chain

Our team will ensure that we obtain as much information as possible.

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