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Hello, I'm Anisha, the owner of ShivShakti.

When I started the ShivShakti site, I didn't reveal much about my past, but I've since learned that people are sometimes as curious about me as I am about them.

So, for those, I'll tell you the story of my own journey to this moment.

Past and origin

I was born in France, in “my sweet France” as I like to say… I love this country rich in history, landscapes, cultures to name but a few!

My parents from Mauritius were at the initiative of this whole notion of mobility in my life: They had left their paradise to change their lives, to have a better life, to have a good life... in France.

My distant roots are anchored in India. One day I would like to retrace the journey of my great-grandfather who also left colonized India for a better life in Mauritius...

grand bay mauritius

This quest for “Better Life” runs through my veins and I know that it speaks to many of you… But I had not vibrated until recently that this journey began within us, that the grail was already within us and that ultimately it is the whole world which is our only welcoming land. No matter where we are on our planet, we are only happy when our place of life IS our home… home where our flame burns!

There is always a “before”

Loving Law and putting this discipline at the service of others, I obtained my Higher Diploma in Notaries. By practicing, I took part in an important stage in the lives of these people who entrusted me with the mission of intervening during their union, disunion, adoption, purchase of their house, creation of a company and succession.

That said, I quickly felt cramped, narrow... as if a facet of my personality was missing: spirituality.

In the meantime, of course, I had a personal life outside of work. Suffice it to say, I was living life to the fullest. I have drunk deeply from the cup of joy and from the cup of sadness.

I had experiences, relationships and realizations that changed everything. Compassion is no longer just a word. I know what it's like to have your life destroyed. I know what it feels like when your heart breaks into a thousand pieces, what happens when the mind collapses, the body betrays you, and what it means to lose everything.

I know what it’s like to find the courage to start again and what it’s like to get to the other side. I managed to find a place where I am happy and where I thrive. It's a wild adventure!

And an “after”

I loved crystals, but I didn't have a deep experience with them until I went through a difficult time in my life. I desperately wanted to heal, but I couldn't.

“Crystals helped me realize that before I could heal, I needed to feel.” Feeling fear, sorrow, doubt, irritation, sadness, anger, disgust, boredom, but also joy, peace, affection, contentment, gratitude, wonder, enthusiasm...Feel it to vibrate it, then transmute the negative and transmit the positive: This is the key to healing!

So how do we put all of this into place in our lives? We learn everywhere that we must be in acceptance, in unconditional Love, in letting go... By searching, I ended up finding what has always worked for me. MY truth is the energy of forgiveness, the one where the first step is “NOT TO GET REVENGE”…the rest happens naturally afterwards!

Then one day, while wanting to make a bracelet for a friend, I felt this happiness of making her happy and this sensation manifested itself in my hands...Is this an energy treatment?!

Eventually, it became clear that a new career was needed. But what did I know outside of Notaries? Well... earth medicine. Believe me, it took me a while to convince myself that I was actually going to do it! It looked! How could I go from being a notary to being a crystal healer and online store owner? My ego and I really needed to do some work and explore some topics around this!

My making ritual

But over time, I started to become more interested and more comfortable. There is the earthly medicine side of things, but also the material side. Having a business is an incredible learning opportunity and my mind enjoys all the deliciously juicy questions to figure out how to make things work and succeed. I didn't expect to love owning a business so much, but I do! The so-called business development aspect is interesting and I feel really good about having, however small it may be, a positive influence on people's lives.

I am now happy to “dance” on this path as a lightworker and my academic sensibilities are also nourished. It has become increasingly clear to me that in the world of crystal healing, there are generally two camps that people fall into. The glittering spiritual camp and the no-ulterior-scientific camp. It is rare that these two camps meet: This is the case with Lithotherapy! I strive to bring these two worlds together. I love pure research and get excited about facts, while channeling intuition and cultivating spiritual and emotional intelligence. I thus found MY way to be perfectly anchored and aligned with who I am: to have my feet on Earth and my head in the stars...

My new life: ShivShakti

Due to my Hindu culture, I have always worn mala bracelets and necklaces. More than a question of aesthetics, they were my lucky charm, my protection.

So why not create an online store where I can create bracelets according to everyone's needs and desires? This is the question my friend and associate asked me. Without his unwavering support, my meeting with you would have remained only in the embryonic stage.

What pride to see that today, it has become a fashion accessory, a piece of jewelry that everyone can match to their mood, their outfit! What pride, yes, because I know that deep down, there is a personal and authentic message.

ShivShakti is the contraction of the first names of Shiva and Shakti, the sacred divine couple in Hindu mythology. It is both a tribute to my Other, whom I have not yet met in this life but who I will recognize as “ My Home ”, a gallantry to what we will both represent, but also a dedication to my inner child who is no longer hiding.

Shiva and Shakti united, they “woven together” and the Universe was born. They created the balance of day and night, summer and winter, water and fire. They highlight a divine energy in each of us, masculine and feminine, sun and moon, male and female. They are 2 opposing forces which constitute the totality of what is human being.

The invitation of this energy is to celebrate our “ Shakti/Shiva ” in each of us and to work towards balance in our body, mind and heart.

The sacred feminine vibrates under Shakti energy and she needs her sacred masculine counterpart Shiva , one of whose attributes is the Trishul , a three-pointed trident, symbolic of the trinity: Creation (of what must be), Perpetuation (of what is) and Destruction (of what is no longer) - the famous logo that we find harmonious between Shiv and Shakti... then on your jewelry as a talisman.

The divine union of Shiva and Shakti symbolizes perfect knowledge of Self. In this union Shiva represents the static aspect of space , Consciousness while Shakti represents the dynamic aspect of manifestation, Energy .

If the conscience is right, the energy will guide it on the right path; the same is true, if the consciousness is wrong, the energy will guide it on the wrong path. It is therefore important to listen to yourself...

Their meeting is based on energies of honesty, recognition, mutual understanding, forgiveness and respect.

In truth, understanding the play of Consciousness and its divine Energy is understanding the stakes of Life and one's own existence.

And you will see that the knowledge of your own Truth is perfectly revealed in the mirror game between the Shiva and Shakti that lie dormant within you...

In my head, the recipe wrote itself: mala bracelet, stones from the Earth, spiritual quest, work of Light and strong symbolism.... The ShivShakti Boutique was born.

My goal: To rise

Over time, I became increasingly aware of and frustrated with the complex ethical issues surrounding crystal sourcing. There are few things more important to me than integrity. In addition to creating jewelry for you PERSONALLY, I want to make ethical sourcing the center of my activity. I know very well that this is only the beginning of an epic! But if you're reading this, you can guess which path I decided to take. My pilgrimage continues...

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I look forward to meeting you !

Have a good trip,

With all my kindness,

Anisha R.

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