Classic Shivshakti Collection

45 products
Shivshakti Classic Collection: The Pure Essence of Lithotherapy Discover the quintessence of lithotherapy with our Classic Shivshakti Collection . Each bracelet in this...
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Shivshakti Crystalline Harmony Collection

105 products
Shivshakti Crystalline Harmony Collection: The Union of Energies Immerse yourself in a universe where the beauty of gems meets the harmony of energies...
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Collection Astro 2024

12 products
Astro Bracelet Collection 2024: Your Celestial Guide to a Remarkable Year In 2024, astrology takes an exceptional turn with the passage of Jupiter...
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Chakra Collection

12 products
The Shivshakti Chakra Collection is a celebration of the seven energy centers that constitute our being. Each bracelet in this collection is a...
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Magic formulas

93 products
Shivshakti Magic Formulas Collection: The Alchemy of Stones and Symbols There Shivshakti Magic Formulas Collection is a celebration of mystical alchemy where stones, symbols and...
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Echoes of the Sacred Collection

18 products
Echoes of the Sacred Shivshakti Collection: A Journey into Spiritual Tradition The Shivshakti Echoes of the Sacred Collection invites you on a journey...
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