Lava Stone Bracelet


Resilience, Renewal, Stabilization

An incarnation of primal strength and transformation, this Lava Stone bracelet is a symbol of renewal and resilience.

Ideal for those seeking to connect with the energies of the Earth and channel inner strength. Lava Stone, formed from solidified magma, is often associated with strength, courage, and stabilization. It is renowned for its ability to absorb and transform negative energies, encourage creativity, and provide grounding during times of change.

Lava Stone:

  • Like an erupting volcano, it inspires power and transformation.
  • Known for its energetic strength, ability to absorb stress, and encourage transformation.
  • It helps overcome difficulties, promotes resilience, and offers solid support during times of transition.

This Lava Stone bracelet is not just jewelry; it is a talisman of strength, creativity, and transformation.

Wear this bracelet to connect with the raw energy of Lava Stone. It's an invitation to embrace change, cultivate resilience, and transform challenges into opportunities for growth.

Size guide

My making ritual


Each bracelet you order from the ShivShakti store is unique !

It is made by me and the energy of kindness that emanates from my hands charges your jewel with the best of intentions.

When making your bracelet, I purify it with incense or the sound of a singing bowl and recharge it thanks to my magnetism with the energetic virtues that you may have communicated to me.

At home, you can do it yourself at any time: the idea is that you develop your own manifestation energy . To do this, I have prepared a guide for using the stones which will be attached to your order.

Each piece of jewelry is adorned with at least one bead engraved with the Trishul which turns out to be a true talisman and/or a bead engraved “ShivShakti” which I repeat myself like a mantra .

It is with great pride that I share all of this with you. Because I made it my credo, today I am in full bloom.

My leitmotif is to allow you to heal yourself emotionally with a certain energy of forgiveness.

I purify and recharge your jewelry

My approach

Delivery within 48 hours in France.

Delivery delay

Return within 30 days - Repair for life

Our policy

Handmade within 48 hours to order in Nantes.

The workshop

100% natural stones

What you will receive:

1 elasticated bracelet adjusted to the size of your wrist.

1 storage box with a ribbon,

1 tarot card associated with the stone making up your bracelet and/or corresponding to the astrological sign and/or chakra (random choice depending on stock)

1 care guide for your bracelet


Caring for your stones

Lava Stone

Use in Elixirs

Lava stone should not be used in direct infusion elixirs due to its porosity and ability to absorb liquids. It is preferable to use the indirect method by placing the stone near the liquid to benefit from its energetic properties without risk of contamination.

Sensitivity to Light

Lava stone is generally stable under exposure to light. However, due to its dark color, it can absorb heat and become warm to the touch when exposed to intense or direct light. It is recommended to store it in a place away from direct sunlight to avoid excessive temperature changes that could alter its properties.

Crystal Fragility

Lava stone is relatively solid and resistant, but it may be prone to chipping or cracking in case of strong impacts or excessive pressure. Although suitable for daily use, it is advisable to handle the stone with care and avoid dropping it on hard surfaces to prevent physical damage.

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